Cla-Val Series 100 Hytrol Basic Valve

The CLA-VAL 100-01 HYTROL Valve is a Hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated, globe or angle pattern valve and is the basic valve used in nearly in all CLA-VAL Automatic Control Valves.
Pressure Range: PN10 - PN40
Sizes: 32mm – 1200mm Description

Basic Valve comprises of the following models:
NGE100-01.... Globe pattern - Standard body
100GE-01....... Globe pattern - High flow capacity
100AE-01....... Angle pattern - High flow capacity

Typical Applications
The base component used for nearly all valve applications. For example a model NGE100-01 combined with a pressure reducing control pilot system becomes a model NGE90-01

Cla-Val Series 100 Hytrol Basic Valve
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