Remote Set-Point - Pressure Sustaining Pilot

The Cla-Val Model CRL-33 electronic actuated pressure sustaining pilot control provides remote set-point adjustment and accurate pressure sustaining control on Cla-Val PCM50-01 series control valves. Remote set-point command signals can be from any SCADA-type control system using an analog4-20 mA signal or by contact closure for cc/ccw rotation. The CRL-33 senses upstream pressure with a remote hydraulic connection. Operating on 12 to 24 VDC and consuming very little power, they are an ideal control system for remote valve sites and can be powered by a compatible Cla-Val turbine.
Process connection: 3/8” BSP Female
Command signal: 4-20mA
Feedback signal: 4-20mA
Power: 12/24vdc
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Remote Set-Point Pressure Sustaining Pilot
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