Booster Pump Control Valve

CLA-VAL models 60GE-11/NGE60-11 Booster Pump Control Valve are pilot-operated valves designed for installation on the discharge of booster pumps to eliminate pipeline surges caused by the starting and stopping of the pump. The pump starts against a closed valve. When the pump is started the valve begins to open slowly. When the pump is signalled to shut-off, the valve begins to close slowly, while the pump continues to run. When the valve is closed, a limit switch assembly, releases the pump starter and the pump stops. Should a power failure occur, a built-in lift-type check valve closes the moment flow stops, preventing reverse flow.

Typical applications
Providing a soft start-stop capability to pumps in the absence of soft start / stop devices.
- Sizes: 1 ½” – 1200mm
- Pressure ratings: PN10 to PN40
Booster Pump Control Valve
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