Cla-Val turbines are a range of self contained power generator systems designed to be mounted on a Cla-Val Automatic Control Valve. They use the hydraulic energy of the system to power products including: Sensors, Actuators, Loggers. They are suitable for Retrofit to an existing Cla-Val Control Valve or can be specified on a new valve making them ideal for isolated locations and confined spaces

Turbine  Micro Power (0.36-0.72 Watts)

Turbine Micro Power (0.36-0.72 Watts)

Cla-Val Model e-Power MP is Ideal for powering devices including, data-loggers, 
low powered valve controllers. Find out more...

Turbine - Intermediate Power (14 Watts)

Turbine - Intermediate Power (14 Watts)

Cla-Val Model-Power IP is Ideal for powering devices including, Telemetry
Outstations, Cla-Val valve Actuators. 
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