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Customer focus and meeting deadlines is a top priority for our team!
From inventory to delivery, our colleagues are perfectly equipped and coordinated to dispatch very large parts weighing several tons all over the world in record time. In this example; a 1000mm TYTAN pressure reducing valve weighing 4,400 kgs destined for Saudi Arabia. Departure Friday afternoon from Romanel Switzerland / Arrival at Riyadh airport in Saudi Arabia 36 hours later. Congratulations to our expedition and logistic team for this performance !
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Record level of control valve inventory! CLA-VAL is ready for the 2021 kick off with a new record inventory of control valves. CLA-VAL has increased its stock levels worldwide to quickly handle all your demands. Carefully studying your project and providing you solutions is part of CLA-VAL's business, but in these difficult times, delivering your valves in the shortest possible time is part of our constant commitment to delivering outstanding customer service.
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Celebrating 85 Years of Service! Founded in 1936, CLA-VAL started its business with five employees in a small facility in South Pasadena, California. Through the generations and 85 years later, the CLA-VAL group has grown to become a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of automatic control valves but also electronic accessories and related products for the waterworks, fire protection, building services, mining, aviation fueling, and marine/shipbuilding industries. We have been challenged to achieve excellence, our many facilities are located on all 5 continents ! We are pleased to celebrate our 85 years of activity and share this milestone with gratitude by warmly thanking our customers and partners. The CLA-VAL group and its specialists continue to innovate in products that support the life, safety and comfort of people around the world. Click here to learn more: www.cla-val.co.uk
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A beautiful heli-hydrant application of a CLA-VAL modulating float valve with a latching shutoff solenoid. The valve controls opening/closing speed and prevents sudden pressure changes to the upstream water network. When approaching the heli-hydrant, the helicopter pilot remotely triggers the water activation system allowing smooth opening of the CLA-VAL valve Model 129-55 for tank filling. For more information please contact info@cla-val.co.uk


CLA-VAL Europe is pleased to announce its new ISO 14001 certification. It echoes various responsible practices implemented within our Company and Group. For many years we have adapted travel plans, waste production, energy and water consumption, as well as prioritising subcontractors preferences. This certification is recognition CLA-VAL's pro-active corporate commitment to reducing our environmental footprint.
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Swiss precision is the State of the Art in the watch industry. Applying the Swiss mechanical watch precision to our valve production CLA-VAL Valves are designed and built to last. This angle valve, sized DN 300 with a high grade material super duplex ASTM A995-5A, is specifically designed for a sea water service application. In very high corrosive environments super duplex grades are the best choices for valve life time extension.
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Like a diamond... Worldwide, CLA-VAL is well-known for its diverse range of high quality materials. Our foundries master more than 60 different materials and are able to answer to the most complex requests... similar to a jeweller who creates a unique piece of jewellery, here's a nickel-aluminium-bronze valve!
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New CLA-VAL App for Aviation Ground Fuelling Solutions. Developed as a maintenance and training tool for operations personnel, this innovative new App enables the user to configure CLA-VAL Ground Fuelling Products; create and then interact with 3D models; see an exploded view of the product; and determine the recommended spare parts and repair kit for their configuration. For more information contact fuelling@cla-val.ch
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"WaterWorld" Magazine has published an article about our Link2Valves platform. This is a web platform for valve management, monitoring and remote control, including:
  • Managing all your valves and tracking their maintenance evolution over time with access to service documents
  • Ensure valve functionality remotely
  • Remotely control your communicating CLA-VAL valves securely
  • Customise your views to monitor information of interest
  • Interface your system to Link2Valves™ via a secured API (Application Programming Interface)
  • Entirely secured environment (PEN tested)
Information at: info@cla-val.co.uk Read the article: https://www.cla-val.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Link2Valves-WaterWorld.png
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