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CLA-VAL are supporting training at the Severn Trent Water academy as part of a joint project with Imperial college to implement dynamically adaptive (Multi-Feed) networks.
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CLA-VAL collaborates with Severn Trent on Dynamic DMA project CLA-VAL collaboration with Severn Trent Water and Imperial college to investigate the potential for Dynamic DMA’s. Severn Trent Water have identified a control zone of single feed DMA’s with potential to benefit from increased connectivity (dynamic DMA’s). To assist with this task, CLA-VAL and Severn Trent Water have jointly sponsored a PhD student from Imperial college to support their modelling department with identifying candidate dynamic DMA zones.
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Part of the CLA-VAL group committment to reducing its carbon footprint across the entire value chain. The recently commissioned solar power installation at CLA-VAL Europe produces 300 MWh per year equivalent to 116 tons saved CO2 or 5322 new planted trees.
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Another successfully engineered solution from CLA-VAL! The valves were located in deep chambers, so to meet health and safety requirements, their pilot systems were located in above ground kiosks. The first valve reduces pressure, the second valve controls flow via a CLA-VAL D22 electronic valve controller. The inclusion of a surge relief control protects the upstream pipe system from excessive pressure.
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Intelligent Dynamic Boundary Control United Utilities needed a robust and resilient solution to support a single feed pressure managed network during high demand periods and to ensure that water quality was not compromised. Working closely with United Utilities and ATi, CLA-VAL developed a turn-key solution which carefuly controls the transfer of water across a DMA boundary during high demand periods with control measures to maintain water quality compliance.
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Remote pressure sustaining with flow metering!
An entirely automated CLA-VAL Pressure sustaining and flow metering installation for the island of Corsica. This innovative valve solution is equipped with a turbine, which guarantees the necessary power supply for remote control. Depending on the pressure conditions, pressure set-points are transmitted in real time. Additionally, using DP Metering technology – pressure differential metering , this valve is also able to calculate the flow rate.
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CLA-VAL ‘Smart PRV’s’ shipped to SAUDI ARABIA. These valves are designed to control the downstream pressure using a motorised pilot and are also equipped with valve position transmitters. Pressure set-points are based on time and/or flow rate directly programmed within the CLA-VAL D22 electronic valve controller. A SCADA system can be added at any time for remote monitoring. These valves are located close to water tanks.
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Link2Valves The easy solution for maintaining your control valves! Link2Valves is a secure web-based platform that allows you to supervise your control valve estate from a single web or mobile application. – Access important site and valve data and information directly from your desktop without installing any software. – Easily plan and budget for control valve maintenance, with detailed visibility into which valves require upcoming maintenance – Validate valve operation remotely CLA-VAL supports the maintenance operations to its customers and partners by providing Link2Valves free of charge. Contact us for a demonstration www.cla-val.co.uk
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Largest CLA-VAL PRVs in the UK! The Cla-Val team busy assembling and testing 2 x 900mm Tytan-M Pressure Reducing Valves for Scottish Water. They are a part of a major trunk main resilience project for the city of Glasgow.
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