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CLA-VAL ‘Smart PRV’s’ shipped to SAUDI ARABIA. These valves are designed to control the downstream pressure using a motorised pilot and are also equipped with valve position transmitters. Pressure set-points are based on time and/or flow rate directly programmed within the CLA-VAL D22 electronic valve controller. A SCADA system can be added at any time for remote monitoring. These valves are located close to water tanks.
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Link2Valves The easy solution for maintaining your control valves! Link2Valves is a secure web-based platform that allows you to supervise your control valve estate from a single web or mobile application. – Access important site and valve data and information directly from your desktop without installing any software. – Easily plan and budget for control valve maintenance, with detailed visibility into which valves require upcoming maintenance – Validate valve operation remotely CLA-VAL supports the maintenance operations to its customers and partners by providing Link2Valves free of charge. Contact us for a demonstration www.cla-val.co.uk
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Largest CLA-VAL PRVs in the UK! The Cla-Val team busy assembling and testing 2 x 900mm Tytan-M Pressure Reducing Valves for Scottish Water. They are a part of a major trunk main resilience project for the city of Glasgow.
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CLA-VAL framework success for Low Head-loss PRVs CLA-VAL is proud to be awarded a framework agreement with Severn Trent Water for the provision of low headloss PRVs. The CLA-VAL series 90-01-LHL low headloss PRV is ideally suited to pressure managed areas commonly referred to as PMA’s or DMA’s with limited upsteam pressures at high demand periods that experience unacceptably high pressures during low demand period; typically at night. Contact us at info@cla-val.co.uk
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Welcome to CLA-VAL Studio 1 PRODUCTIONS! Cla-Val Europe is proud to announce the completion of its "CLA-VAL Studio 1 PRODUCTIONS" studio. It's equipped with the latest digital technologies for remote demonstrations and video productions. A selection of products will be presented across a range of market sectors including: Waterworks, Fire protection, Fuelling, Marine. Each sector topic is enhanced by wall paintings made by an internationally renowned artist. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@cla-val.co.uk
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Customer focus and meeting deadlines is a top priority for our team!
From inventory to delivery, our colleagues are perfectly equipped and coordinated to dispatch very large parts weighing several tons all over the world in record time. In this example; a 1000mm TYTAN pressure reducing valve weighing 4,400 kgs destined for Saudi Arabia. Departure Friday afternoon from Romanel Switzerland / Arrival at Riyadh airport in Saudi Arabia 36 hours later. Congratulations to our expedition and logistic team for this performance !


Record level of control valve inventory! CLA-VAL is ready for the 2021 kick off with a new record inventory of control valves. CLA-VAL has increased its stock levels worldwide to quickly handle all your demands. Carefully studying your project and providing you solutions is part of CLA-VAL's business, but in these difficult times, delivering your valves in the shortest possible time is part of our constant commitment to delivering outstanding customer service.


Celebrating 85 Years of Service! Founded in 1936, CLA-VAL started its business with five employees in a small facility in South Pasadena, California. Through the generations and 85 years later, the CLA-VAL group has grown to become a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of automatic control valves but also electronic accessories and related products for the waterworks, fire protection, building services, mining, aviation fueling, and marine/shipbuilding industries. We have been challenged to achieve excellence, our many facilities are located on all 5 continents ! We are pleased to celebrate our 85 years of activity and share this milestone with gratitude by warmly thanking our customers and partners. The CLA-VAL group and its specialists continue to innovate in products that support the life, safety and comfort of people around the world. Click here to learn more: www.cla-val.co.uk


A beautiful heli-hydrant application of a CLA-VAL modulating float valve with a latching shutoff solenoid. The valve controls opening/closing speed and prevents sudden pressure changes to the upstream water network. When approaching the heli-hydrant, the helicopter pilot remotely triggers the water activation system allowing smooth opening of the CLA-VAL valve Model 129-55 for tank filling. For more information please contact info@cla-val.co.uk
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