CLA-VAL 100-01-316: Main Valve “HYTROL” – Stainless Steel

CLA-VAL 100-01-316 : "HYTROL" Main Valve - Stainless Steel

The Cla-Val Model 100-01-316 "HYTROL" Stainless Steel Valve is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated, globe pattern valve with all 316 Stainless Steel metal parts. 

Specially designed 316 Stainless Steel removable slip-on flanges meet ANSI and ISO standards and is pressure rated up to 50 bar.  This valve is ideal for control valve applications where fluid compatibility is often a problem.

The standard Electropolish finish on the 316 Stainless Steel parts offers extreme corrosion resistance to many industrial fluids such as seawater, high alkyl or high acid concentrations or other aggressive or corrosive fluids. 


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