CLA-VAL 100-CF1 : ON/OFF Float Valve

CLA-VAL 100-CF1 : ON/OFF Float Valve

The CLA-VAL 100-CF1 is equipped with a 4-way pilot control type CF1-C1.

The CLA-VAL 100-CF1 is designed to open when the liquid level reaches a preset min. level and closes drip tight when the filling of the tank reaches the preset max. level.

Included accessories : 

  • Isolation valves 3/8" (upstream and downstream)
  • Float control CF1 - PN 16, rod SS-303 L = 1,0 m and spherical float SS-316 diam.= 180 mm

Optional accessories : 

  • Stem position indicator [X101]
  • Pressure gauge [0-8 bar] & [0-16 bar]


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