CLA-VAL 100-LFS : Main valve "HYTROL" with Low Flow System

CLA-VAL 100-LFS: Main valve “HYTROL” with Low Flow System

CLA-VAL 100-LFS : "HYTROL" Main Valve with Low Flow System

The Cla-Val 100-01 "HYTROL" is the main (or basic) valve used in nearly all Cla-Val automatic control valves. It is hydraulicaly operated, diaphragm actuated, and available as either globe or angle pattern. 

The CLA-VAL 100-LFS feature allows the valve to regulate precisely and smoothly at any prescribed set value across its complete range of flows, in particular at low demand and without performance loss.

The CLA-VAL 100-LFS "HYTROL" Valve is commonly specified in water distribution networks where large variations in demand are experienced.


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