CLA-VAL 41-01 : Flow Control Valve with Non-Return Feature

CLA-VAL 41-01 : Flow Control AND Non-Return Valve

CLA-VAL 41-01 : Flow Control AND Non-Return Valve

The CLA-VAL 41-01 Flow control valves limit flow to a preselected maximum rate, regardless of changing line pressure. The pilot control responds to the differential pressure produced across an orifice plate installed downstream of the valve. Accurate control is assured as very small changes in the controlling differential pressure produce immediate corrective action of the main valve. When a pressure reversal occurs, it prevents backflow through the valve.

The CLA-VAL 41-01 is typically installed on a pipe line linking two separate distribution systems to avoid backflow when upstream pressure drops.

Included accessories : 

  • Isolation valves 3/8" (upstream and downstream)

Optional accessories : 

  • Stem position indicator [X101]
  • Pressure gauge [0-8 bar] & [0-16 bar]


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