CLA-VAL 51-01 : Pressure Sustaining AND Non-Return Feature

CLA-VAL 51-01 : Pressure Sustaining AND Non-Return Feature

The 50-01 Pressure sustaining/ Surge Relief valve is hydraulically operated, pilot-controlled, modulating valve designed to maintain constant upstream pressure within close limits. This valve can be used for pressure relief, sustaining, back pressure, or unloading functions in a by-pass system. In operation, the valve is actuated by line pressure through a pilot control system, opening fast to maintain steady line pressure but closing gradually to prevent surges. Operation is completely automatic and pressure settings may be easily changed.

When a pressure reversal occurs, the integral check valve will cause the valve to close drip tight.

Included accessories : 

  • Isolation valves 3/8" (upstream and downstream)

Optional accessories : 

  • Stem position indicator [X101]
  • Pressure gauge [0-8 bar] & [0-16 bar]


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