CLA-VAL 60-81 : Pump Control Valve - Cla-Val

CLA-VAL 60-81 : Pump Control Valve

CLA-VAL 60-81 : Pump Control Valve

Pump off : 
When the pump is off a Hydraulic Check Feature keeps the valve in a closed position.

Starting sequence :
The pump starts against a closed valve. When the working pump rate is reached the Solenoid Control opens the valve.

Stopping sequence : 
The pump requires a closed valve. The shut-off signal de-energizes the Solenoid Control to close the valve slowly. Meanwhile the pump is still working. When the valve is fully closed the Switch Assembly shuts the pump off.

Emergency sequence :
In case of a power failure (P2 >P1), the Hydraulic Check Feature immediately closes the valve in order to protect the pump. The Pressure Relief Valve or Surge Anticipator Valve is usually combined with the pump control valve in order to dissipate surge pressures.

Included accessories : 

  • Isolation valves 3/8" (upstream and downstream)

Optional accessories : 

  • Stem position indicator [X101]
  • Pressure gauge [0-8 bar] & [0-16 bar]


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