CLA-VAL D12-99-01 : Pressure Modulation Control Valve - Cla-Val

CLA-VAL D12-99-01 : PRV Modulation Control Valve

CLA-VAL D12-99-01 : Pressure Modulation Control Valve

The CLA-VAL D12-99-01 programmable Control Valve automatically adjusts downstream pressure according to customized pre-defined rules.

The combination of precise, field proven, CLA-VAL hydraulic pressure reducing pilot controlled with an actuator and the CLA-VAL D12 Electronic Controller, allows advanced pressure regulation whilst retaining full hydraulic control.

The control system can be factory mounted or retrofitted to a CLA-VAL Pressure reducing valve.

The CLA-VAL D12 can be connected to the CLA-VAL Link2Valves web platform for remote valve diagnostics and control.


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