NUVENT AQUA 70-516 : “Anti-Shock” Air Release and Vacuum Breaker Valve

CLA-VAL NUVENT 70-516 : Anti-Shock Air Release and Vacuum Breaker Valve

The Cla-Val NUVENT 70-516 is a triple orifice Air release and vacuum breaker valve with an integral "Anti shock" feature specifically sized for water pipelines.

When correctly sized and located, it will offer surge protection in the event of rapid filling of pipelines and surge events such as pump trip.

The AQUA B70-516 is also designed to offer full port vacuum break in the event of pipeline draining or suffers a burst, thus ensuring the safeguarding of your pipeline, pipe components, valves and seals. The high volume air release function allows for uninterrupted filling at a safe filling rate. 

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