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CLA-VAL Vent-A-Riser : Surge Arrestor

CLA-VAL Vent-A-Riser - Surge Arrestor

The “always on” controlled air release function of the  Vent-A-Riser dampens the impact of potentially destructive water hammer in the event of uncontrolled pump start-up and prevents vacuum forming in the riser when the pump stops and the riser drains.

How do I size a Vent-A-Riser surge arrestor

No need, the standard 1” model will protect risers up to 200mm (8”).

I don't have a drain available for the Vent-A-Riser. Can I still use it?

Yes - but only under specific operating conditions, speak to a member of the CLA-VAL Sales team for details.

I don't have a drain point - do I leave the 'Tee' Cap on?

No - you must ALWAYS remove the cap.

What the maximum operating pressure of a Vent-A-Riser

The valve is rated to 25 bar and can withstand surge pressures up to 40 bar.




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