CLA-VAL PCM40-01 : Flow Control Valve with Remote Setpoint

CLA-VAL PCM40-01 : Flow Control Valve with Remote setpoint

The CLA-VAL PCM40-01 Flow limiting valves are designed to limit flow to a user defined value, regardless of changing line pressure. The pilot control responds to the differential pressure produced across an orifice plate installed downstream of the valve. Accurate control is assured as very small changes in the controlling differential pressure produce immediate corrective action of the main valve.
The pilot control valve also incorporates a CDHS-34 Actuated pilot consisting of a hydraulic pilot and motorised actuator that accepts a 4-20mA set-point command allowing set-point adjustments to the pilot ensuring flow control even under power loss conditions.

Included accessories : 

  • Isolation valves 3/8" (upstream and downstream)

Optional accessories : 

  • Stem position indicator [X101]
  • Pressure gauge [0-8 bar] & [0-16 bar]


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