NUVENT AQUA 70-516b : "Anti-Shock" Air and Vacuum Breaker Valve

NUVENT AQUA 70-516B : Borehole pump “Anti-Shock” Air and Vacuum Breaker Valve

NUVENT AQUA-70-516B : Borehole Anti-Shock Valve

Cla-Val NUVENT Model AQUA-70-516B is a compact, triple function air valve specifically designed for borehole applications. The Anti-Slam feature effectively controls the air discharge at pump start up thereby eliminating the potentially devastating effects of water hammer. Any entrapped air will be release through the small orifice, during the operation cycle of the borehole pump. When the pump stops, the AQUA-70-516B allows air back into the riser, preventing the riser from collapsing due to potential vacuum conditions

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NUVENT AQUA-70-516B : Borehole 'Anti-Shock' Air Release & Vacuum Breaker Valve