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CLA-VAL 40-01 : Flow Control Valve

Cla-Val models 40GE-01 and NGE40-01 Flow control valves limit flow to a preselected maximum rate, regardless of changing line pressure. The pilot control responds to the differential pressure produced across an orifice plate installed downstream of the valve. Accurate control is assured as very small changes in the controlling differential pressure produce immediate corrective action of the main valve.

+Pressure gauges (0-8 bar & 0-16 bar)

+Pressure transmitters

+Stem position indicator

+Stem position transmitter

+Stem limit switch assembly

+ Remote pressure set-point - [Series PCM40-01]

+ Non return - [Series 41-01]

+ Solenoid shut-off - [Series 43-01]

+ Float over-ride - [Series 40-CF9]

+ Pressure sustaining - [Series 45-01]

+ Pressure reducing - [Series 49-01]

+ Many more combinations - speak to a member of the CLA-VAL Team

What information is needed to size a Flow Limiting Valve (FCV)

Flow set-point, Upstream (inlet) Pressure, Downstream (Outlet) Pressure. 

What does the “NGE” designation mean in the catalogue number (for example: Model NGE40-01 versus 40GE-01)

The ‘40GE-01’ is a full port valve and ‘NGE40-01’ is a reduced ported valve. The ‘NGE’ has a high resistance to cavitation and is the most common valve type. ‘GE’ valves are suited to applications with lower pressure differentials and high flows.

How many straight pipe diameters are required either side of the valve.

The guideline is 5 pipe diameters each side, but can be less depending on valve function.

Can i adjust the flow range?

Yes, Starting from the reference flow setting, its possible to adjust flow by +/-30%. For example, if the nominal flow set point was 10 l/s, the maximum setpoint is 13 l/s and the minimum setpoint is 7 l/s.



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